Original Yumeji

Original Yumeji

October 16th, 2013: My tablet is really not working properly, and I have to send it in for repairs. I hope it can get fixed soon! In the meantime, I plan on posting some of the old artwork for the comic as well as a few short stories to keep you entertained while the comic must take a short break.

This is the original design for Yumeji and art style I had for the comic. I originally began designing the comic in 2007, so it has taken me quite some time to get to this point! At this point in time, the story was actually quite different, though the characters and setting are very similar to what it is now. In the beginning they weren’t musicians at all, just some college kids having fun. It was meant to be a slice of life comic, exploring what it meant to be a young adult in this world. But things change, I had ideas, and now the comic is quite different.


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