Hidden Scroll no. 07

Foreigners in New Edo

During the Edo period foreigners were, for the most part, barred from landing on Japanese soil outside of Nagasaki (and even then they were restricted to Dejima, an island created specifically for foreign trade).

In New Edo foreigners are no longer barred from entry, but there are restrictions in place to keep foreign influence to a minimum. Foreigners can only stay for a maximum of two years, and they often come through exchange programs. Japanese nationals go abroad to learn more about technological advancements to bring back home, and foreigners come to stay in Japan to learn more about Japanese culture. Foreigners staying in Japan must adhere to Japanese customs, speak in Japanese (unless being hired on as a teacher by the upper class), and wear Japanese clothing. Of course, no marriage can occur between Japanese and foreign nationals, as they would not be allowed to stay together.

The vast majority of foreigners staying in New Edo come from the American Protectorate, as they were the first to sign trade agreements with the new shogunate.


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