Hidden Scroll no. 06

The Line

As discussed in the previous scroll, The Line is a communication device used exclusively by the middle and upper class. Smaller handheld devices are used as a direct link messaging service. Using a special stylus, one has to only write on the screen and send directly to the recipient. While similar in style to our cell phones, many of these devices do not have phone functionality. It is considered extremely rude to speak aloud in public using a handheld Line, and they are typically only used in such a way when needed for official business. Every member of the middle and upper class owns a handheld Line. It is their primary mode of communication, and without it they would be completely cut off from their peers.

There are many larger, more complex machines which use Line technology. News, reports, and plans can be read on large, flat computers which are made of a flexible material. These can be rolled up and stored when not in use, and are used primarily in a business setting. Other, less flexible screens are more common in middle and upper class households, where portability and storage is not a necessity.


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