Chapter One: Music in the Darkness

no. 01 Trillium Tunes Tickle Their Taste
no. 02 Singing a Song of Sweet Sorrow
no. 03 A Shocking Show Stopper
no. 04 Caught in the act
no. 05 Lights out
no. 06 Secret exit
no. 07 Disappearing act
no. 08 Near miss
no. 09 Silence is golden
no. 10 Out of the loop
no. 11 A simple concept
no. 12 Eyes of blue
no. 13 Something suspicious
no. 14 Lost
no. 15 The truth
no. 16 Secrets
no. 17 Until morning
no. 18 A new day
no. 19 Silent morning
no. 20 Small door
no. 21 Safety in sight
no. 22 Abandoned